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Alumni Highlight - Shelly Cobb

Shelly’s path to Nutrition and Wellness studies led her to ACHS. She felt that our programs were a perfect match because of the accreditation, affordability, and flexibility. Shelly successfully earned her Masters in Holistic Nutrition and Graduate Certificate in Wellness Coaching with ACHS. As a student, she recalls memorable experiences with the faculty at ACHS, where she gained real-world concepts and was encouraged to pursue higher education.

Celebrating a decade of owning Thrive Wellness and Research Corporation, Shelly’s trajectory has been marked by expansion and community impact as a Holistic Practitioner. Her passion lies in aiding individuals to enhance their health through holistic nutrition, exercise, and wellness coaching, underpinned by specialized training in nutrition and autoimmune conditions. She educates her clients on how foods can hinder or help support the body. 

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Thrive Wellness & Research
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