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Ok, so we have all heard of the pandemic that is sweeping through the countries. I’ve been asked various questions. With more information becoming available and risks increasing I thought it wise to offer information in regards to recent changes.

What I am sharing is educational information gathered from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other credible sites regarding the pandemic. The information provided here may or may not apply to you personally. Therefore, as always -please follow your doctor’s orders and the governmental orders where you reside.  The information provided here is not intended to replace medical advice, diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or syndrome.

If you are sick or have medical questions, please contact your primary care provider.

What is a Virus? 
First off, let’s discuss what a virus is – it is fragment that contains DNA or RNA material, it is not alive; think of the fictional zombie character, it is neither dead nor alive but tries to cause major damage once it gets ahold of a person. The virus has certain shapes that allow it to enter the nucleus of a cell and insert its DNA or RNA material into the transcription process. By doing this, the virus uses the cell’s machinery to create more viral particles. Viruses are not healed by antibiotics. Antibiotics kill living organisms, not viruses. 

What is Coronavirus 19 (COVID19)?
This is information is from the CDC and WHO -The Coronavirus is a new virus, which started in Wuhan, China. It is considered “novel” since it is a new virus and science is still learning about. It is a respiratory virus. Experts are not sure how it started but are considering that it was initially spread from animals to humans. It is spread by close contact with a person infected by it. It can be transmitted by droplets from an infected person, such as from a cough or a sneeze. The incubation period occurs from when first exposed to when symptoms show is about 4 days later but ranges from 2 to 10 days. At present there is no cure, but some treatments are showing promise. 

Symptoms may vary from mild to severe: 

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath (SOB)

Who is at risk? 
Obese individuals
Pregnant women
Persons with HIV/AIDS
Older adults 60 years old or older
Anyone with a compromised immune system (Cancer, COPD, Diabetes, etc.).

*Children in general are not getting it compared to the number of adults getting sick with COVID 19. It was discussed by Michael Osterholm, an infectious disease and epidemiologist, show that children can be infected with COVID19 but not exhibit symptoms (asymptomatic) but can transmit the disease to others.

What to do? 
Follow the government’s orders along with your doctors orders. Stay at home except for essential business.  For those who have not been ill, injured or with compromised health this may seem like overkill. However, for those who have been on bed rest, surgery, injuries, care for those with health issues, have an autoimmune issue or chronic health issues understand the need to be health-wise and take care through healthy practices. The virus is not a bright colored balloon floating in the wind we can see and avoid, instead it is invisible and easy to contract from someone who is infected. Therefore, please follow the government’s and your doctor’s orders. 

“Social Distancing”
 Limit your exposure to others. Stay home as outlined by the U.S. Surgeon General. Keep 6 feet away from others. Use a mask if you have to go out and are around others. If you are sick please quarantine yourself from others.  Although we need to keep a physical distance, it doesn’t mean we cannot connect. Use this time to strengthen relationships through phone calls, video chats or handwritten letters. 

Like your Grandma may have said “Jesus and Germs are everywhere, so wash your hands and pray often!” She was right- wash your hands for 20 seconds, keep areas where you live clean.  The World Health Organization stated spraying the body with chlorine bleach or alcohol on the body will not kill the virus if it has entered the body. Careful with the use of hand sanitizers, they kill bacteria, but excess use can cause skin irritations. Keep from touching your face, mouth and eyes with your hands. 

Contact your doctor if you are sick and follow their orders. 

Eat well  
Please do not take the time to stay home, be lazy and eat junk. By doing that the body can diminish in health and increase risk of illness and other metabolic issues. Eat colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit sugar, packaged foods and high calorie empty foods (popcorn, fries, soda). 

Be Creative while staying home, here are some ideas: 

  • Read your Bible
  • Pray for loved ones, government officials, and others around the world
  • If possible – work from home
  • Read various types of books
  • Sew
  • Drawing/Paint
  • Journal
  • Go for a walk or jog
  • Learn how to cook and prepare the odd food that no one is buying the grocery store (i.e. how to prepare turnips, parsnips, fennel, celery root, etc.)
  • Exercise 
  • Play board games with family members
  • Use quotes or questions during mealtime with family members to learn what others think about various topics. Make the questions interesting, non-judgmental and creative (i.e. Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange … what’s your favorite color and why?; What’s a funny memory that made you laugh until you almost wet your pants?).
  • Stay in touch- Call, write, email or use Skype, Facebook live, Zoom or Facetime with others. 

Setting Myths Straight- This information is from the CDC and WHO 

  • True- COVID19 cannot be transmitted through mosquito bites.
  • True- COVID19 cannot be killed by extreme cold, snow or extreme hot temperatures.
  • True- Taking a hot bath will not kill the coronavirus.
  • True- Antibiotics do not kill viruses.
  • True- Coronaviruses can be transmitted in all type of weather.
  • True- Electric hand dryers are not effective in killing coronavirus. 
  • True- Do not use ultraviolet lights to kill COVID19, it can cause skin irritations.
  • True- Thermal scanners cannot detect someone infected who is asymptomatic. 

Won’t the virus resurge after the quarantine period is lifted? 
Perhaps. Here is an example of two families of four people. Family A gets infected and ignores the mandates to stay home, instead they go out and are in contact with others. They come in contact with 50 people from the bank, grocery store, gas station, walking by and chatting with the neighbors, and talk with people at the pharmacy. Four days later the 50 people are sick who now come in contact with others before they show symptoms. Now Family A has infected 50 persons, who in turn infect 10 others, so now the numbers are 554 (4 from Family A + 50 business associates x 10 others=554). Consider Family B – the family of four stay home and follow quarantine guidelines. They go through the cycle of the virus and do not infect others. The infection stops there. The virus can resurge but will likely be less in numbers of infected if health precautions are followed. 

Because I have an autoimmune condition, am I at higher risk of COVID19? 
Yes, anyone who has autoimmune issues or chronic health issues puts themselves at higher risks  because their immune system is already fighting other ongoing health issues.

Is it really that important to stay home? 
Yes. Because it is a novel virus and scientist do not fully know how it will play out since it is in the beginning of its exposure. 

How can I boost my health? 
There is no known cure or treatment for the virus. In general, there are vitamins and supplements available that can boost the immune system. Each vitamin, mineral and supplement affect individuals differently, so discuss with your healthcare provider what is recommended or needs to be avoided for you. Vitamins and minerals will not replace poor eating. The first step is to eat well and if need be use vitamins and minerals.

What do I do for food? 
Food scarcity is real. “Food deserts” exist – meaning that healthy foods are not available in low income or rural areas. If you have access to online shopping try places like Whole Foods, Thrive Market and other Chain supermarkets who provide online shopping and home delivery. For further assistance please contact your local government agencies, church food pantries or local food banks. 

I know of a shut-in, who does not have internet access, how can I help them? 
Check with local governmental offices, such as senior centers, meals on wheels, schools, or county and city offices. They have emergency plans in place for those that are not able to afford or go get food on their own. If you are able, order food online for them and have it delivered to them. 

Why is it taking them so long to find a cure? 
Currently, I am taking a class on Clinical Trials for my doctorate in Health science in Clinical Nutrition. There is much to be done for setting up clinical trials and making sure the study is set up correctly, the safety of the patient is of upmost concern and time to do the trial. There are so many variables that have to be considered and each step slowly and meticulously followed to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient and adjust if necessary. Trials are often 10-15 years and cost upwards to $1.5 billion dollars. Time is needed to see if there are adverse events or serious complications, rushing a clinical trial can result in adverse events. 

Is your business open?  
Absolutely! My virtual office is open. I would love to help educate and empower you on how to optimize your health, teach you how to cook fun and tasteful meals or  provide virtual sessions for nutrition and exercise services.  Please call 951-435-1010 to schedule an appointment or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Final thoughts
Wow! That was quite a bit of information! Thank you for taking the time to read it! Feel free to share it with others. I pray you stay well, draw close to God and to one another. I hope you feel empowered and understand more of what is going on and why. Feel free to send me an email and let me know how you are doing and what new things you’ve learned during this quiet time of staying at home. 

Shelly Cobb 
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