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Shelly Cobb, M.S., M.A.

Shelly Cobb is a board certified holistic health educator specializing in nutrition and exercise and creator of Thrive Well. 

She embarked on a personal health journey due to a health crisis and autoimmune issues. She understands first-hand what it takes to Thrive Well. Now she uses her passion for health and nutrition to help others achieve optimal health, fitness and wellness.

Holistic Approach

At Thrive Wellness, we help you with a holistic approach to living healthy, getting everything right. There is more to the body than just nutrition and exercise. At Thrive Wellness, we focus on the individual and their goals and address various aspects of health, wellness, nutrition, stress and exercise.

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Shelly's Credentials

• M.S. Holistic Nutrition, American College of Healthcare Sciences

• M.A. Education, California State University San Bernardino

• BCHN Holistic Nutrition Professional

• ANMA Holistic Health Practitioner

• ACSM & WITS Certified Personal Trainer

• Certified Wellness Coach

• Auto Immune Paleo Coach

• Certified Gluten Free Practitioner

Thrive Wellness & Research
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